North East Cheshire Community Partnership (NECCP)

In January 2022 Poynton Area Community Partnership changed its name to North East Cheshire Community Partnership (NECCP) to better reflect the geographical area the group represents. NECCP is part of a wider network of partnerships across Cheshire East, and is an independent group made up of like-minded volunteers who understand and represent the interests of Poynton, Adlington, Bollington, Disley, Mottram St Andrew, Prestbury, Kettleshulme, Rainow and Pott Shrigley. Cheshire East Council is also represented.

NECCP works together to make the parishes listed above attractive places where people want to visit, live, work and spend their leisure time. NECCP’s vision is to make its residents and neighbourhoods better connected, to promote a strong sense of place by supporting civic pride projects, to promote health and wellbeing, and work to reduce social isolation. In the wake of Covid-19, NECCP also seeks to address the growing issue of mental health.

Thanks to funding from Cheshire East the NECCP has produced and distributed a useful “Guide To Local Interest, Activity and Hobby Groups”. In addition, it has paid for transport to enable residents to attend falls prevention classes; funded room hire for a care group’s singalong sessions; made a contribution towards some furniture for a village hall; helped fund a community minibus, has helped with the costs of running a local youth club and, most recently, has delivered a large number of laptops to help schoolchildren who have been home-schooled with only a mobile phone with which to access the internet.

Voluntary groups and organisations in those parishes listed above can apply to NECCP for modest grants.

Projects need to be aligned to the aims identified in the grant application form which are fairly evaluated by a NECCP sub-committee. Find the Grant Application Form here. 

To contact the group, please email