Poynton Relief Road

The Poynton Relief Road will be a standard single carriageway road of approximately 3.5 kilometres in length. A 3.5m wide combined cycle and a footway will run beside the length of the route from Chester Road to the southern tie-in on London Road.  Footpath and bridleways are also provided to maintain connectivity in the area. 

The northern end of the route will connect to the A555 junction on the new A6 to Manchester Airport Relief Road or A6MARR. The route will then pass under the A5149 Chester Road to the west of Poynton and will continue in a southerly direction crossing the Woodford Aerodrome runway.

There are three new bridge structures along the route. At Chester Road a new underbridge allows the new relief road to pass underneath the existing carriageway. Two accommodation bridges at Lostockhall Farm and Adlington Business Park will be constructed for farm access, walking, cycling and equestrian purposes.

At the southern end of the scheme, the route will pass to the west of the Adlington Business Park before connecting to a new roundabout junction to the west of the Adlington Travel Lodge hotel. Links from the new roundabout will allow the relief road to connect to the A523 London Road and Adlington Golf Centre.

September 2021 - See the latest Notification Letter detailing  road closures from 1st February -18th February 22 on  Bonis Hall Lane. 

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poynton relief road aerial shot

Poynton Relief Road Construction