Cheshire East Local Plan Response

Published: 05 July 2024

Poynton Town Council have recently submitted our response to the  New Local Plan for Cheshire East – Issues paper.  See our response here

Cheshire East’s current Local Plan was supposed to cover the period 2010 to 2030. However, CEC have decided to begin the process of developing a new Local Plan, which will presumably take effect before 2030.

Local plans take several years to prepare due to the public engagement and examination required.

A new Local Plan will provide an opportunity for landowners and developers to propose taking open land out of the Green Belt and using it for building houses, industrial estates or retail sites. Poynton Town Council will strongly oppose changes to the Green Belt boundaries around Poynton.[1]planning/cheshire_east_local_plan/new-local-plan.aspx

The first stage is the Issues Paper, which can be found online at:[1]local-plan-issues-paper.pdf . 

There will be more detailed proposals and public consultations later in the process - we will keep everyone up to date.