UPDATES: The future of Poynton Leisure Centre

Published: 20 March 2024

The future of the Leisure Centre was discussed by the Cheshire East Council’s Environment and Community Committee on Monday 11th March 2024.

Whilst there are no current proposals to close the Leisure Centre in the short term, the long term future of the leisure centre is still in doubt. Despite other centres which have previously benefited from millions spent on them, Poynton has yet again been denied capital funding. Without investment the Town Council remains concerned that the long term future of the leisure centre will not be viable and Cheshire East Council will revisit site closures.

The Town Council has set up a Working Group of councillors and residents with specialist skills to investigate how we can secure the long term future of the leisure centre.


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Further to the decision of Cheshire East's Environment and Communities Committee on 9th November to undertake a public consultation on achieving the budget savings proposals under the MTFS 90 Strategic Leisure Review, the revised Public Consultation is now live and can be accessed via the link below.


The consultation will run for 6 weeks closing at midnight on Sunday 7th January 2024.


Outcome of the Cheshire East meeting on 09.11.23 regarding Poynton Leisure Centre

Cllr Whitaker and Beanland represented Poynton at the Cheshire East Meeting in Sandbach yesterday. The agenda point regarding the Leisure Centre took over 4hrs to debate.

The flawed Cheshire East report which included the proposed plans to close Poynton Leisure Centre was thrown out and will not go to consultation.

However, Cheshire East maintain that savings must be made across the borough in Leisure Services. Therefore, they voted to proceed with a more wider general consultation consulting with the public on how savings can be made, so we are not out of the woods yet.

Your Councillors will be monitoring the situation very closely and when a new report and consultation is publicised a Community call for support will be made and a Public Meeting and appropriate working groups will be set up.


Poynton Town Council unanimously vote to oppose the potential closure of the Leisure Centre 

Thank you to all who attended the Planning & Environment meeting at Poynton Civic Hall on Monday 6th November 2023 to show your support against the potential closure of the Leisure Centre, which is owned by Cheshire East Council.

The Councillors strenuously oppose any proposals for this valuable community asset to be closed.

Councillors Hayley Whittaker & Mike Beanland have registered to speak at the Cheshire East meeting of the Environment and Communities on the 9th November 2023 and will be putting forward Poynton’s views.

If the outcome of the meeting is for this proposal to proceed to a public consultation, the next steps will be as follows:

• A working Group made up of Councillors and interested member of the community will be set up to fight the potential closure.

• A public meeting will be arranged at the Civic Hall and a member of the Cheshire East committee will be invited to answer questions

• A full social media, poster/leaflet campaign to reply to the consultation will begin

Please note that any emails you send before a consultation opens will not automatically be included and your views will not be registered. Poynton Town Council will advise on when and how you can lodge your views officially if and when a consultation is open.


Poynton Town Council are concerned about Cheshire East’s proposals to close Poynton Leisure Centre

Papers published by Cheshire East Council include proposals to withdraw funding for Poynton Leisure Centre which could lead to its closure in April 2024.

This will be discussed at the CEC Environment and Communities Committee next Thursday where ward and town councillors will be attending to voice the Town Council's opposition to the loss of this vital facility.