The National Defibrillator Network will help save lives

Published: 18 January 2022

The National Defibrillator Network will help save lives

The British Heart Foundation are urging defibrillator owners to register their devices on a new national database called The Circuit. It could help save thousands of lives from cardiac arrests.

999 call handlers aren’t always aware that a defibrillator is available nearby because the ambulance service hasn’t been told about it. If they don’t know it is there, they can’t direct someone at the scene to retrieve it while waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

It is estimated that there are tens of thousands of defibrillators which are still to be registered on the new system.

Poynton Town Council have registered their 10 defibrillators around the Town and urge any other organisations, groups and businesses who own a defibrillator to do the same.

See a list of local defibrillators here. 

It’s free to register your defibrillator onto The Circuit, and you only have to do it once. Visit for more information or to register your defibrillator.