Community Grants

Published: 17 June 2021

Each year the Town Council has a small annual budget allocation for community grants. 2021 saw local organisations Poynton Area Community Partnership (PACP), Golden Memories and Poynton Heritage Garden make successful applications for funds.


PACP supporting our young people with learning
Poynton Town Council have supported Poynton Area Community Partnership (PACP) with their initiative which helps young people to home school easier by providing refurbished laptops. PACP reached out to Poynton schools and found support was needed. A successful application of £1,250 to Poynton Town Council’s Community Grant Scheme meant the group’s funding could go further and support more children. 


Mr Dean, Head Teacher at Poynton High School said, “I really appreciate this support. It will be invaluable for students who are most disadvantaged…please pass on my thanks to all those involved”.


Mrs Nora Armstrong-Boyle, Head at St Paul’s Primary School said, "Thank you for donating three refurbished laptops to support the learning of children at St. Paul’s Catholic Primary School. The partnership working between Poynton Town Council and Poynton Area Community Partnership is impacting the lives of young people in our local schools....What I can confidently say is that your example of partnership working is an inspirational platform from which children can learn about the power of working together".



Vernon Primary School children admiring the laptops to be used for home schooling


Poynton Golden Memories

Poynton Golden Memories successfully applied for a community grant for £750 for a new website. 




Poynton Heritage Garden

The Heritage Garden group were awarded £300 towards new plants for the area.