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The Poynton Area Community Partnership (PACP)

The Partnership (PACP) is a group of volunteers that strives to make Poynton and the parishes of Adlington, Disley, Mottram St Andrew, Prestbury, Kettleshulme and Pott Shrigley attractive places to visit, live, work and spend their leisure time. More details below.

London Road North World War 2 Portrait Gallery Poynton Pool London Road North approach

Poynton Relief Road

The Town Council is pleased to announce that Cheshire East Council has secured the funding necessary from the government to commence building the Poynton Relief Road.

More details here.

World War 2 Portrait Gallery

Visit our 'virtual exhibition' of information about local servicemen and women who gave their lives during the Second World War.

Click here to view the picture gallery.

In and Around Poynton

A picturesque park with a pool, ancient trees and wildlife, including great crested grebes, mute swans and tufted ducks, dragon and damselflies.


Welcome to Poynton

Find all about the town council, the latest community news, meeting minutes, adult health and wellbeing initiatives, clubs and societies and local events.

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London Road North

Poynton Relief Road

The Town Council is pleased to announce that Cheshire East Council has secured funding necessary from the government to start building the Poynton Relief Road. More details here.

Public safety sign showing play area rules

Parks Re-Opened

Hockley & Brecon play areas are open. If visiting, please ensure you follow the rules & the guidelines here. If the rules are breeched the Council will have to re-close the parks.

Public footpath sign

Footpaths - Did you know?

Do you know what your rights are when it comes to a public right of way. Do you also know what rights the landowner has when it comes to horse riding, cycling, loose dogs etc. Find out here.

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Poynton Area Community Partnership (PACP)

The Poynton Area Community Partnership is part of a wider network of partnerships across Cheshire East, and is an independent group of like-minded volunteers who understand and represent the interests of Poynton, Adlington, Bollington, Disley, Mottram St Andrew, Prestbury, Kettleshulme and Pott Shrigley. Cheshire East Borough Council is also represented.

PACP works together to make Poynton and those parishes listed above attractive places where people want to visit, live, work and spend their leisure time. PACP vision is to make its residents and neighbourhoods better connected, to promote a strong sense of place by supporting civic pride projects, to promote health and wellbeing, and work to reduce social isolation.

Thanks to funding from Cheshire East the PACP has produced and distributed a useful “Guide To Local Interest, Activity and Hobby Groups”, with 56 entries. In addition it has also paid for transport to enable residents to attend falls prevention classes; funded room hire for a care group’s singalong sessions; made a contribution towards some furniture for a village hall; helped fund a community minibus, and has helped with the costs of running a local youth club.

Voluntary groups and organisations in those parishes listed above can apply to PACP for modest grants.

Projects need to be aligned to the aims identified in the grant application form which are fairly evaluated by a PACP sub-committee.

How to Apply for A Grant:

Complete the application form, which you can download on this PACP page here (Word document).

Poynton Area Community Partnership Publications

PACP Report - 2018 - view or download here.

PACP Report - 2017 - view or download here.

PACP Guide to local interest, activity and hobby groups can be viewed or download here.


January 20 – Prestbury Parish Council

The Parish Council are always working to keep the village in a well-kept manner. Working with volunteers to plant, weed and maintain flower beds, tubs and footpaths. The notice boards are an important part of the Parish Council’s communication strategy in the village, especially for those residents who do not use a computer. Extra bench seating on the football field is most useful for dog walkers, playground users and allows Parents/Grandparents to sit and watch their children play sport. Also, as the Guide Hut and Youth Club are adjacent to the playing field a bench would provide seating whilst waiting to collect children.

October 19 - Just Drop-In youth

We want to run a FREE Mental Health First Aid course for parents of children aged 12-24 who live in the PACP area.

This two day course is fully accredited by https://mhfaengland.org the only licensed UK provider for this quality course. 12-14 Parents can take part and it can be advertised as the partnership see fit.

We offered our first Mental Health First Aid course for parents in our footprint in September 2019 and the take up was astonishing. We had over 12,000 engagements on Facebook within a week and the course was fully booked on day 1.

We have now fully booked a second course which will be running in January 2020, both courses have run from a Macclesfield location.

We have secured funding from a different source to run 4 courses over a 12-month period but demand out strips this offer and we are seeking additional funding to bring this valuable support for local parents.

We want to deliver this course to PACP parents on a Saturday from the Civic Centre in Poynton.

This will make the course accessible and add value with its local focus. It will equip parents with additional skills to support them in supporting their children and will also help them to know other sources of help.

October 19 - Transition Bollington

We are looking to source £500 as part of a bigger pool of funds for the purchase of heritage fruit trees and other edible plants. These trees and plants will be planted around Bollington for the use of the residents and visitors. It is expected that this project will be completed prior to the end of the next planting season (Spring 2020) providing that the funds are made available in a timely manner. We will also be providing dissemination to the local community about where to find these trees and when their produce will be ready.

These funds will be achieving additional value for money, as although we are requesting £500 for the purchase of the trees and plants, we are not requesting any funds for the labour associated with planting and distribution. This task will be undertaken by the membership of Transition Bollington with no expectation of reimbursement. This represents a substantial contribution to the project.

October 19 – Mottram St Andrew

This grant helped the Parish Council fund the external housing and installation of the village AED. Pictured with Cllr Rob Hughes are year 5 pupils Maisie Lowndes and Oliver Stewart along with school secretary Ruth Groarke.

Mottram St Andrew - village AED. Pictured with Cllr Rob Hughes are year 5 pupils Maisie Lowndes and Oliver Stewart along with school secretary Ruth Groarke.

September 19 - Digital Life Skills

As we’ve developed and delivered Digital Thinking Workshops in primary and secondary schools and talked about our work more widely, parents repeatedly tell us they also feel unskilled and would like to improve their digital literacy. Parents are now more familiar with issues of internet safety (privacy, data protection, reputation etc), but increasingly recognise that they, like their children, aren’t always able to critically evaluate what they encounter online.

This pilot project would deliver two, 2-hour workshops for up to 20 parents in each at the Civic Hall in Poynton before October. They would be free of charge and open to any parent of children aged 9-14 years. Tablets would be provided (thanks to Poynton Town Council) or parents could use their own devices. Two trainers would use real-world examples and collaborative exercises to explore online sources and understand the influences at work.

The workshops would echo the proven approach developed in the classroom, focusing on how to search, question and evaluate content to avoid being duped, misled or manipulated. By de-mystifying algorithms, filter bubbles, echo chambers and explaining how to distinguish fake news, falsehoods and conspiracies from fact, parents will be better equipped to promote the positive benefits of the digital age.

Digital Thinking Workshops

August 19 - Pott Shrigley Village Hall

To replace a section of bench in a social area of the building.  To support our community offering a comfortable seating area used during social events.

Pott Shrigley Village Hall bench replacement in a social area of the building

August 19 - Poynton Youth & Community Centre

Poynton Youth & Community Centre offers local groups a space to meet, learn and develop. Our project is to expand our existing Men in Sheds workshop, allow the current waiting list of 20 to join the existing 28 members. To extend the workshop involves reconfiguration of the existing main hall and stage area and will provide the opportunity to modernise, insulate and make safe the existing stage which has suffered through water ingress. The stage is one metre above floor level making it unsafe for many of our older residents to use. Because the height it prohibits residents with mobility issues from using it.

The main hall has no insulation making winter use uncomfortable, expensive and severely increases our carbon footprint. We receive regular complaints about temperature from our users with mother and baby groups and elderly support groups probably suffering the most. We have identified the need to reach out to younger members of the community, and the revised stage area will permit use by this age group for band practice and performance. We have held an event for younger people recently which attracted in excess of 200 and gave this new group an insight to the value of The Centre.

Poynton Youth & Community Centre building works

Pott Shrigley - St Christopher's Church

A disabled ramp to the left of the lychgate. This must be done to a high specification to fulfil planning requirements on a listed building and will be achieved by ‘cutting in’ to the ground and building the ramp internally rather than adding a ramp outside the wall (which would have been probably cheaper). It will involve removing material, rebuilding the walls, and creating and surfacing the incline to meet the existing path some way into the churchyard. There is currently no viable disabled access to the churchyard (once in the churchyard, access to church is all on the level), and people with mobility problems regularly have difficulties. A removable ramp ceased to be used after someone suffered a bad fall on it slippery surface some years ago.

June 19 - Men in Sheds

On the corner of Clifford Road, a railway truck and floral display was provided 10 years ago by a Poynton resident. He has carefully tended and renewed the planting and has recently been joined by another resident to keep this village asset looking attractive for both residents and visitors. This truck is part of Poynton’s coal mining heritage having been used many years ago at the Anson Pit. The body and chassis of the truck is now in need of major refurbishment. Poynton Men in Sheds have offered to carry out a full restoration and replanting starting in early 2020 with a view to completion in spring 2020.

June 19 – Poynton Methodist Church

The aim of this project is to repair the roof. The building was constructed in the early 1980’s. Although repairs have already been carried out there are still problems under certain weather conditions. Whenever there is a period of heavy rain in blustery conditions water leaks into the main foyer and at several points within the main body of the Church. To determine the cause tiles will need to be removed from a considerable area on both sides of the junction between the foyer and the side building. It is expected that the felt lining and lead guttering need to be replaced due to their age. There is known to be a low amount of asbestos within the roof tiles which will need appropriate, special handling. This work is necessary to allow continued use of the building.

All the groups are impacted by the leaks in the main foyer. The main worship area is used for Church services and many community uses. The acoustics are particularly good in the worship area so it is widely used for concerts and choirs.

Poynton Methodist Church roof repairs

June 19 – Disley Pride

Disley Council aim to plant flower beds in the community centre twice a year with seasonal annuals; they also maintain an area where the Well Dressing takes place. This project aimed to encourage residents to volunteer and to increase pride in the area.

Disley Pride photo

May 19 - Higher Poynton Tennis Club

Higher Poynton Tennis Club Group photo with Poynton Town Mayor 2019-2020 Cllr Sarah-Jane Gilmore

Higher Poynton Tennis Club aims to provide regular coaching sessions for all club members but especially children. Their grant has facilitated the purchase of tennis balls and short handled racquets.

April 19 - St George's Poynton

St George's Poynton has created a Remembrance Wall. The project will benefit the community of Poynton who wish to have ashes interred in the Garden of Remembrance by providing a facility for new plaques to be installed - the new walls will enable this to happen.

April 19 - St Pauls Poynton PTA

St Paul's Primary School have a Forest School in their grounds. The Forest School gives children the opportunity to play in a natural environment making them happier, healthier and aiding concentration - you can read more here: http://www.stpauls.cheshire.sch.uk/forest-school/.

They requested some funding to help build a secure wooden shelter in a designated area within a forest situated within the school grounds along with supplying additional resources and waterproofs for the children to use in a safe dry area and be able to explore in all weather conditions. The forest area does not currently have any shelter which hinders potential usage.

They are applying to a number of sources to provide sufficient funding for the work and once this is secured, they aim to begin work immediately. They have local residents who are skilled workmen/women ready to start the project! The photo was taken when the Mayor of Poynton, and Chairman of PACP, Cllr Sarah-Jane Gilmore visited the Forest School in March 2019.

St Paul's Primary School  Forest School


April 19 - Pott Shrigley PTA

Pott Shrigley PTA are seeking to establish a fell run to coincide with the annual Pott Shrigley Rose Queen festival run by the village hall. The event would take place annually in June. They have an experienced sports teacher from Kings School, Macclesfield who is organising the event and who has approached local land owners and Shrigley Hall Hotel, who are willing to allow access to their land. The event will have different categories of fell run for adults, children and families.

Funds were required for the purchase of insurance, gazebos, high-vis jackets, race numbers, signage, marketing and publicity.

Pott Shrigley Stag Fell Race and fell runners

April 19 - Pott Shrigley Village Hall

This grant enabled the replacement of the BBQ Base at Pott Shrigley Village Hall. The barbecue is used by all members of this community whether they are attending events organised by the Village Hall, the Cricket Club or the School. It plays an integral part in providing refreshments at various community events such as the Bonfire Night celebration, the midsummer Rose Fete, the School Christmas Fair and various Cricket Club matches and special event weekends, including junior events.

March 19 - Clickety Click Club

‘Clickety Click’ is a voluntary knitting group who make wool and craft items including cardigans, hats, blankets, cuddly toys for local maternity hospitals; Twiddle muffs and blankets for use by people living with dementia; and hats and scarves for the homeless.

The PACP grant has enabled the purchase of wool to allow the group to continue their work. The knitters are happy to accept donations of wool and craft items and meet at the Kingfisher pub every Monday morning from 10am – 12noon.

Clickety Click voluntary knitting group


March 19 - Lower Park PTA
Lower Park Primary School Parent Teacher Association have identified the area outside the School Hall as a potential site for a large-scale, intergenerational community project to better utilise the space and make it an area for the children to use more effectively. And which can be utilised by teachers and children to improve the health and wellbeing of the children at Lower Park. Their vision is to create a Sensory Garden.

A sensory garden is a self-contained garden area designed to provide opportunities to stimulate the senses, both individually and in combination, in ways that users may not usually encounter. For Lower Park School, the garden will create a space to encourage students to undertake diversionary activities, such as gardening/growing vegetables, creating a bughouse, even monitoring the weather through a self-built weather station.

They also want to involve community groups to enable sharing of knowledge and experience with the children which will create truly intergenerational activities to take place and hopefully open the door for long term relationships between the school and other community groups (including the Hollies Pre-School that borders the piece of land).

It will also support Citizenship and Science projects and link to the curriculum with alternative learning for Special Educational Needs children, enable the development of wellbeing activities and the development of transferable life skills. They are applying to a number of sources to provide sufficient funding for the work and once this is secured, they aim to begin work immediately.

The photo below shows the design which has been provided by Nottcutts Garden Centre. CLICK on the image to see a larger version.

Lower Park Primary School Sensory Garden Plan. Select image to view a larger version.

February 19 - Lostock Hall School PTA

Lostock Hall PTA are raising funds for a daily mile track. The daily mile scheme is a national project to get children out of the classroom to run or jog for fifteen minutes, making them fitter, healthier, and more able to concentrate in the classroom. The school sports field suffers from frequent waterlogging, which means it is often very boggy, therefore it is not suitable for all weather use.

A daily mile track would provide a surface for children of all abilities, including those in wheelchairs, to take part in the daily mile initiative.  

February 19 - Poynton AED Group

Poynton AED Group has led partnership working with Poynton Town Council and North West Ambulance Service (N.W.A.S.) to provide residents with improved access to A.E.D.s in Poynton. The units have been installed in the decommissioned phone boxes that the town council has adopted. North West Ambulance Service provided free Community A.E.D. training sessions as part of an ongoing collaborative project between North West Ambulance Service, Poynton AED Group, Poynton Town Council and Poynton Area Community Partnership.

An updated list of Poynton’s defibrillator units (AEDs) and their locations has been published as a PDF at https://bit.ly/2P5lV7P

Members of the Poynton AED Group outside the Defibrillator near Poynton Railway Station


January 19 - Energy Youth at Poynton Baptist Church

For the Poynton Christmas Fest, PACP helped Energy Youth to hire the Eden Bus for the evening. It was be parked in the Co-op car park and provided activities aimed at children and young people. The Eden Bus partners with local churches to provide a facility for young people and the wider community. It is often used in areas of social deprivation, working consistently in the same places week by week and seeing transformed lives and a reduction in crime and anti-social behaviour. On-board activities include gaming consoles and a slide! 

January 19 - 3rd Poynton Scout Group

3rd Poynton are seeking to improve the facilities of the Scout hut to make it more attractive and usable for the whole local community, not just the Beavers and Cubs. PACP has helped with funding to create a patio and seating area outside the hut in the compound area, furnished with tables and benches. The reason for doing this is twofold:

  • To create an area where the children can have activities/sessions outdoors when the weather allows.
  • Having an area for people who hire the hut to sit outside (e.g. parents taking a break during children’s parties)
    They are currently seeking a company to undertake the work within their budget.

December 18 - Poynton Christian Fellowship - The Hub

PACP supported The Hub Youth Club as it raised funds for furniture, facilities and equipment. The Hub is a youth club run by PCF Church every Friday evening during school term for all those in school years 7-13. It hosts a range of activities from sports to baking; discussion groups, games consoles to movies. We’ve also had themed nights, quizzes and end of term parties. And a summer camp!

Poynton Christian Fellowship - The Hub

The aim is to provide the young people of the area with fun activities, but also to build bridges and relationships with the young people in order that we might have a positive impact and influence in their lives to help develop them as people; we also touch on relevant life topics and difficult topics for young people today.

The Hub is very grateful to PACP for the funding, which has been applied to Stage 1 of our project i.e. a new look for the Hub Lounge, with new flooring and furniture. See photo below.

August 18 – Disley Community Bus

The Disley Community Bus Scheme is run by Disley Parish Council and operates as a not-for-profit community transport scheme. In 2018 a brand new 15-seater minibus was purchased with funding from Disley Parish Council, the National Lottery, Poynton Area Community Partnership, Disley & Newtown Good Neighbours, Cuppa an’ a Chat and many personal donations. The minibus is driven by a team of wonderful volunteer drivers who have all completed a minibus driving awareness course.

Disley Parish Council Minibus

June 18 - HayLo Theatre

The HayLo Theatre performance of ‘Over the Garden Fence’, is an incredibly moving play about dementia. The play certainly has the power to change attitudes and behaviours about dementia and delivers a message of compassion and understanding in a highly entertaining way.

The Performance was organised by Poynton Dementia Steering Group with support from PACP.

The HayLo Theatre - 'Over the Garden Fence' and advertising poster

June 18 - Disley School Association

This grant enabled Disley School Association to repurpose an old school out building into a Bike and Scooter Shed for the children of Disley School to be able to cycle and scoot to school and have somewhere safe and dry to leave their bikes and scooters.

Disley School Association Bike Shed Photos

May 18 – Step Ladder

Adlington Parish Council  Step LadderPACP supported Adlington Parish Council to purchase a Step Ladder.

We received this message received from the parish Council representative:

"We are extremely grateful for the grant that enabled us to purchase the new step ladder. We work very hard to ensure that the hall is safe for all users and this is a sturdy but easy to use step ladder. Hopefully, it will discourage people from balancing on a chair when putting up decorations for parties and it makes maintenance and cleaning of the hall easier too".

It ensures that all ages can be involved and stay safe whilst engaging in activities such as putting up bunting, fairy lights and flowers in as safe a manner as possible.

May 18 – Parish Notice Board

PACP supported Adlington Parish Council to provide a Parish Notice Board. It will enable all residents and visitors to see what is happening in the area and will display lots of useful information including what’s on and what’s happening in the area. All this helps to build strong community links and addresses social isolation through advertised activities.

December 2017 - A guide to local interest, activity and hobby groups

Following concerns with the devastating impact that being lonely can have, PACP produced and distributed 'A guide to local interest, activity and hobby groups' ahead of the festive period in December 2017.

Click this image to download the PACP Guide to local interest, activity and hobby groups booklet

The booklet contains information about the impact of loneliness and encouraged people to join the social groups. It was distributed to every Poynton household via the Poynton Post and copies made available at the Civic Hall, library and parish venues.

The publication was well received and the group hope to expand on supporting projects that reduce loneliness.

Download the guide here.

December 2017 - Carers Trust4 All - Sing-a-Long Sessions

Singing Together, Sing-a-Long small posterP.A.C.P. working with Carers Trust 4 All, organised a pilot 'Singing Together, Sing-a-Long' session for individuals and their carers, held at Poynton Civic Hall on March 23rd 2017.

Twenty-three people attended on the day and were keen that this beneficial activity should continue. P.A.C.P. have agreed to fund the venue so a monthly session can be delivered for the rest of the year.

PACP have funded monthly sing-a-long-sessions throughout the year with positive responses from those who attended including: ‘singing is a good mood booster’; ‘it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a good voice’; ‘the instruments add to the fun’; ‘like to meet friends again’; ‘lovely session joining in together; a nice afternoon out’.

89% of respondents said that singing improved their quality of life and 91% said attending the group has benefitted their health/ and or confidence.

Carers Trust4 All - Sing-a-Long Session

October 2017 - Flicks in the Stix Community Cinema

A successful grant application to PACP is helping to fund the purchase of 45 new stackable chairs with soft seat cushioning and vinyl seat covering for the village hall.

The chairs will enhance the life of the local community through the various groups associated with the village hall.

Flicks in the Stix Community Cinema and the new stackable chairs purchased via a PACP grant

September 17 – Dementia Friends Information Sessions

The programme to deliver training to raise awareness and create a dementia friendly community in Poynton commenced in September 2017. Many sessions have been delivered including two to year eight students at Poynton High school, with the help of Dementia Volunteer Champions, this is someone who someone who is a trained volunteer and runs information sessions for friends, colleagues and the wider community. The sessions cover five key messages that we want everyone to know about dementia and help people think what they could do to help.

Dementia Friends Information Sessions

Dementia Friends Champions attend a volunteer Induction day and then organise their own information sessions, with support from their Dementia Friends Officer. Poynton was officially recognised as ‘Working Towards becoming dementia friendly’ through the work of the Poynton Dementia steering group and we now support and assess others to become part of the dementia friendly communities’ initiative.

Dementia Friends Information Sessions

Comments received include ‘ I didn’t understand how someone living with dementia is affected, ‘I now understand the impact dementia has on the individual and their families’ ‘I am no longer frightened of the term dementia and am going to become a dementia champion ‘ ‘I will wear my dementia friends badge and encourage others to become one’.

Through our sessions we now have over 300 new friends!

May 17 - Pott Shrigley Church School

PACP have supported an application from Pott Shrigley Church School PTA to contribute to the production of a leaflet to promote the school, which faced the possibility of closure at the end of 2016.

Pott Shrigley Church School Leaflet

The leaflet will help to raise awareness and hopefully increase numbers for the start of the September 2017/2018 school year.

May 17 - Be Steady, Be Safe

Be Steady, Be Safe Photo

The nearest falls prevention class to Disley is the 'Be Steady, Be Safe' programme run by Everybody Sport and Recreation at Poynton Civic Hall. A number of Disley residents had registered to join the programme but did not have transportation from Disley to Poynton.

Disley Parish Council offered the use of their Community Bus and its wonderful volunteer drivers to transport up to 9 participants to the Poynton every Monday to allow Disley residents to benefit from the programme.

Details of the Be Steady, Be Safe programme can be viewed or downloaded as a PDF here.

Disley Parish Council Minibus

The use of the Disley Community Bus is creating closer ties between the communities of Disley and Poynton, is environmentally beneficial by using a single vehicle and is helping to reduce social isolation by bringing older residents together for the trip as well as for the training session.

The administration and fuel costs were donated by Disley Parish Council and a grant by PACP covered the expenses.

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