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Poynton Town Council Standing Committees and what they do. Facilities, Infrastructure and Economic Development (FIED), Finance and General Purposes (F&GP), Community, Order and Public Safety (COPS), Planning and Environment (P&E), Management and Establishment (M&E)

Poynton Pool A photo of the canal at Higher Poynton Poynton Heritage Garden

Poynton Park and Pool

Our town's picturesque park with a pool, ancient trees and wildlife, including great crested grebes, mute swan and tufted duck, dragon and damselflies.

See more of Poynton's interesting places and 'things to do' on our visitor information page.

Macclesfield Canal

This Easter Poynton Marina is the ideal place start a walk along the canal footpath or further afield into to Lyme Park and the Peak District.

See more of Poynton's interesting places and 'things to do' on our visitor information page.

Poynton Heritage Garden

The garden situated between the Civic Hall, Library and Priorslegh Medical Centre was the successful transformation of what was a little used public area into a colourful and tranquil space.

More photos here.


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Find out who your councillors are, what standing committees exist, see the meeting agendas and minutes, read the Town Mayor's photo reports and our Privacy Notice.

Just Drop-in

Free person-centred counselling, for those aged between 12 & 25 years, by qualified counsellors on Tuesdays at the Civic Hall from 5.30pm - 8.30pm. More details.

Poynton Easy Access Scheme

We have mobility scooters & wheelchairs hirable at a small charge. Contact the Civic Hall on 01625 872238 for a free lesson and a 'test drive'. More details.

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Poynton Town Council Committees



In addition to meetings of the Town Council, involving all 18 Councillors, there are five Standing Committees, with delegated powers. These Committees meet on a regular basis – approximately every eight weeks, apart from P&E which is every three or four weeks, each committee has nine members with the exception of M&E which has seven and FIED which has eight.

Poynton’s residents are welcome to attend Town Council and Committee meetings. There are 20 minutes allotted at the start of Town Council meetings for questions to the Mayor. At Committee meetings residents may, at the Chairman’s discretion, ask questions or raise concerns about any of the items on the agenda, or on any subject that falls within a Committee’s remit.

A full list of which councillors sit on each committee and those who are representatives to outside bodies can be found here.


Facilities, Infrastructure and Economic Development (FIED) - Click here for meeting agendas and minutes

This Committee considers issues such as maintenance of the Civic Hall, the security and maintenance of the two Town Council-owned parks and other areas managed by the Town Council, maintenance of street lights owned by the Town Council, the Coppice Road Allotments, enforcing the byelaws that govern the use of Poynton’s parks and open spaces, the provision of benches, bins and notice boards, relations with Poynton In Bloom, and maintenance of Princes and Lady’s Inclines, both owned in most part by the Town Council. The Committee also works with Cheshire East Council on issues such as highway maintenance, street lighting, gritting and tree maintenance. On economic development, this Committee is charged with promoting Poynton and the visitor economy, which includes liaising with all businesses located in the village, as well as with the COPS Committee (see below) on community events.


Finance and General Purposes (F&GP) - Click here for meeting agendas and minutes

This Committee is involved with all issues concerning governance of the Town Council’s finances. Arguably the Committee’s most important remit is to prepare and approve a draft annual budget for approval by full Council, and then to monitor it throughout the Financial Year. The Committee Chairman and/or the Committee also need to authorise significant payments. One of the outputs from that exercise is the setting of the annual precept – the amount of money the Town Council requests from Cheshire East Council from their Council Tax receipts, to pay for the services we provide to our residents.

‘General Purposes’ is a bit of a ‘catch all’, and covers those issues not covered by the other Committees.


Community, Order and Public Safety (COPS) - Click here for meeting agendas and minutes

As the title suggests, one of the key remits of this Committee is to provide residents with a safe environment, so the Committee liaises with the police, and in particular with the PCSOs, who are part-funded by the Council. The local Police Inspector and/or Sergeant appears at each COPS Committee meeting, to update Councillors on law and order issues affecting the village, and to take questions from Councillors. This Committee also considers bids for community grants.

COPS is responsible too for the role of the Communities Co-ordinator who, in conjunction with other partners, engages with Poynton’s young people, and promotes initiatives for the adult health and wellbeing needs of Poynton’s growing elderly population.

This Committee also oversees a Poynton Citizens’ Advice Bureau (CAB) outreach service three times a week at the Civic Hall, for which it attracts sponsorship.


Planning and Environment (P&E) - Click here for meeting agendas and minutes

This Committee considers all planning applications concerning Poynton, and makes recommendations to the Planning team at Cheshire East, which is ultimately responsible for planning decisions. Residents often attend these Committee meetings, particularly when potentially controversial planning applications are being considered. The Committee also has contact with Planning Enforcement as required.

Planning and Environment is the parent Committee for the Poynton Neighbourhood Plan which, if approved by more than 50% of those local residents who respond to a referendum, will have statutory authority, and will need to be given serious attention by planners, developers and others.

This Committee follows closely progress on the Cheshire East Local Plan Strategy, including the submission of representations as appropriate in order to protect and promote Poynton’s interests. The development of the former BAE Systems site at Woodford is also an issue for this Committee given the impact it will inevitably have on Poynton.

On the environmental front this Committee concerns itself for example with any bin collection issues, monitoring emission levels in Poynton, on environmental health issues in general, on recycling initiatives, and on fly tipping.


Management and Establishment (M&E) - Click here for meeting agendas and minutes

This Committee, which meets when necessary, is made up of the Chairmen of the Committees listed above, plus two other members.  Working with the Town Clerk, it manages the Civic Hall team and monitors its workload, and also leads on other specific issues, such as periodic reviews of the Town Council’s Standing Orders.  It is  responsible for administering the Town Council’s Internal Complaints procedure too.   

It is also this Committee that considers nominations for the Town Council’s annual Civic Awards, given to those of our residents who make a significant and sustainable contribution to the community.


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